PMS and Hanger

Ok, so there’s this problem affecting relationships around the world. It’s called PMS.

PMS is this cruel trick played on women. It makes us think we’re crazy. It makes people around us think we’re crazy.

The reason I’m writing about this topic is because I’m currently experiencing it. Ha! I think it’s a major issue because it’s really hard for people who AREN’T feeling it to really understand it. I have had issues with bosses because of it, with boys, with myself. It’s the most confusing thing ever. But it’s really hard to expect outsiders to understand how we’re feeling if WE don’t even understand what we’re feeling!

My weirdest example of PMS is this: one day I was driving to work at the zoo. It was a normal day, a normal drive. I was really close to work and, as I was stopped at a light, I saw a car stalled in the opposite lane. I watched as a Good Samaritan pulled over, got out of his car, and helped push the stalled car into an adjacent parking lot, out of traffic. As I drove by this scene, when the light was green (rhymes!), tears were just falling down my face. I felt that the person who got out to help was SO GOOD! And I couldn’t figure out why my face was gushing water…until I figured I must be PMSing.

Just now, I was driving on a highway and all of a sudden traffic was at a standstill. It’s raining so I figured an accident must have just occurred. It was potentially going to make me late for work, so I started getting a little frustrated. But I started praying for anyone potentially involved, because it helps me keep perspective (and does some good, I hope) while traffic builds up. Eventually the emergency services got there and got traffic moving slowly. As I passed the accident, I saw a large pickup flipped on its side. The emergency crew was just bringing some stretchers over as I drove by, so I knew whoever was driving/riding in that truck was still in there. Again, tears just started pouring out of my face.

I have cried over some very ridiculous things. I have cried because I was hungry. At work. I have cried at tiny moments in movies. PMS is so hard! And boys NEVER actually have it, so they can’t wrap their minds around it. It’s even hard for many women to understand because either they don’t go through the same issues while PMSing, or they can’t remember how it feels if they’re not currently feeling it.

This brings me to a related topic: Hanger. I experience an extreme level of “hanger.” When I’m very hungry, I lose all control of my emotions. I will rip your face off. I will storm out with the slightest provocation. Just feed me. Feed me and I can’t even remember I was upset.

Now put hanger and PMS together….and everything is lost. Don’t even try. I might as well be put in a padded cell. Haha. (But not really….please don’t lock me up.)


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