PMS continued

While discussing PMS with one of my coworkers-slash-readers tonight, I realized that this month’s PMS started earlier than I thought. The day before Christmas I had some driving around town to do because I’m cat-sitting for a friend. I posted on Facebook, “No one has the Christmas spirit on the roads today.” I had honked three or four times within thirty minutes of leaving my house. I’m not a huge honker. I only honk if someone is trying to hit my car and I have the time to honk AND avoid a collision. Not five minutes away from my house some woman tried merging into my lane, right at the spot that I was driving in said lane. So I honked at her. I think there was another honk less than ten minutes later – but I can’t remember. Then, as I was nearing my friend’s house, I honked AGAIN because the car in front of me was driving too slow!! I honked at an OLD WOMAN BECAUSE SHE WAS DRIVING TOO SLOW!!! What kind of monster AM I?!






The PMSing kind.


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