“I just wanna dance!”

If you knew me prior to my senior year of college, you would laugh at the compliments I got last night at the NYE party I went to.

Prior to my junior year of college, I had NO rhythm. I would dance the night away at all the school dances, I would dance with friends, I would dance at home, I would dance in my room. I never knew I didn’t have rhythm – until I had it. Then I realized how ridiculous I must have looked the 15 years prior to that moment. I think it was my sophomore year of college, I went to the Homecoming dance with my friend/trackmate Willie P. After that dance, he told me not to dance in public. He was being serious in a joking manner. I refused. I danced at track practice, much to his chagrin. I danced and I danced. And I danced.

Then one day, I had rhythm. My body actually moved in time with the music. It’s strange that I couldn’t dance but I had the ability to teach myself piano when I was a kid.

Anyway, since then, my dancing life has been pretty magical. The year after I graduated college, my track coach got married and I organized a Thriller dance with all the track kids using this video. I taught it to them in my apartment. I even taught some of them in the parking lot outside the wedding reception. Willie P. was one of them. He told me this, “Alicia. I’m impressed. You can dance.” AHHH!!!!

That, my children, is a lesson. If someone tells you not to do something, do it more often. You might actually get good. And then shove it in that person’s face. (I didn’t shove it in Wilie’s face. I love that kid.)

So, last night, I was part of an amazing dance party in the living room of a former coworker of mine. Her husband and her MOM both told me that I was such an awesome dancer and that they enjoyed watching me go to town. Some of the greatest compliments EVER. (The other amazing compliments I have received is that 1. I’m hilarious and 2. Zooey Deschanel reminds someone of me.) My body is sore but my mind is happy. I wasn’t trying to dance well. I was just….dancing what I felt. Hahaha. Seriously, though.

Now, for those of you who don’t know me, don’t think that I dance like the Houghs from Dancing with the Stars – or anything remotely similar. I’m not sure why people liked my dance moves last night. It could have actually been attributed to alcohol consumption. But I had a blast and I love to dance the way I dance. You dance best if you care less.

Here’s a little secret: I steal and modify some moves I learned from the Michael Jackson – The Experience video game for the Wii. It’s the best. So fun. So many fun moves to add to your repertoire.

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