And here it is….

And here it is....

Dum dum dum. This is what my swimsuit bod looks like TODAY, January 3, 2014. I’m sorry.

I know that I’m thinner than many people and I’m thicker than many people. I also know that my pants don’t fit no mo’ and that’s got to change! I just want to be healthy and fit. And maybe get asked, “Do you workout?” again, because THAT HAS HAPPENED TO ME. Once. It was awesome. And, like, almost five years ago.

Today I started my 31 day routine with 30 minutes of cardio and (Chick-fil-A for lunch) a tuna sandwich with tomatoes and spinach for dinner, with a side of cottage cheese. I’d say half my day was good. Tomorrow will be better. It’s a 20 minute strength workout day, I just bought a bunch of healthy groceries (Veggies for roasting!!Jjalapeno chicken breast!!), and I’m hanging out with my girl Sam, dancing the night away by one of the ladies’ bathrooms at a country dance hall. It’s going to be a good day.


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