Too Soon To Say….

Too Soon To Say....

This, but so far putting my less-than-ideal body up for all to see is working! This is what my meals looked like today. I’m eating just as often (because, let me tell you, I eat A LOT and OFTEN) but I’m eating smaller, healthier meals. The top one is some toast and tomatoes getting ready for some tuna and spinach. Then I have defrosted (frozen) raspberries on plain Cheerios. That last one is a little fajita made of HEB’s jalapeno-spiced chicken, sauteed onions and bell peppers. Just in case you wanted to know. What I ate today. You did. A little. Huh? No? I also snacked on a couple tiny candies because we still have a bunch sitting around from the holidays. I’m ready to throw them all in the trash so I’m not tempted, haha! This is what happens when you live with a teacher – they receive treats galore.


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