Confession Time

I broke one of my rules last night. I kissed someone. Someone I like. We’ll call this one *Jeremy. He’s a guy who doesn’t want to date because he’s looking into some new career options that would take him away. Not sure if that’s REALLY why he won’t date ME – but when it comes to guys I go out with, it’s hard to say. Haha. Since my “I don’t want to date you” column is 100% bigger than my “I want to date you” column, that leads me to deduce that it has to be something about me.

But, that’s what this blog is all about! Making myself the best version of myself that I can!!! Then I’ll know for sure that it’s not me when someone doesn’t want to date me – because I’ll be way too awesome.

I have been faithful to my 31 day workout routine – today was day 3. For my 40 minutes of cardio, I went back to my Zumba days. I get unlimited classes with my gym membership…which I’ve had for a while now…and today was the first class I went to. I love it! I’m CRAZY out of shape – like halfway through the class I actually looked at the clock to see if we were done yet, haha – but I know I’ll get into shape and I’ll love it. I even made a little friend. I mean LITTLE. She’s like half my height. Super nice. Her name is Star. Or Starr. Not sure. But it’s a cute name. It’ll be fun to have a workout friend. OH MY GOSH. I just realized there is a Beatles reference here. I really hope her name is spelled Starr. Just for my own giggles.

Now here is a random picture of Stuart for your troubles.


Now here’s a picture of BABY STUART!


*Again, Jeremy has a different name in real life.



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