20 Minutes of Yoga/Stretching

Today is day four of my workout routine so that means yoga and/or stretching for 20 minutes. I never do yoga, so I always have to look up a video if I want to do it. I just Googled “20 minute yoga workout” and came upon this video.

Let me tell you – I have been so sore this week from my workouts, since I was sorely out of shape, and this stretching really helped. Tomorrow is my rest day, but I might do this video again tomorrow just to help regain my flexibility because this stretching really emphasized how tight I am EVERYWHERE. Usually it’s my hammies and quads, but not anymore.


3 thoughts on “20 Minutes of Yoga/Stretching

    • Oh, I’m getting back into running as well. I’ll have to try your link after my next run. The link I posted is great for just general stretching. Very beginner-friendly, stiff-person-friendly. Haha, I even had trouble with the seemingly simple moves.

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