Confessions of a Sad Slob


So, this was my bed this past weekend. Yes, i slept in it this way. I pushed things to the right side and slept in half of it.
Two things contributed to my epic lameness.
1. Kissing that boy that I like. It was like a second rejection. And all my local lady friends are busy with their beaus. So it’s a little rough.
2. I’m so sick! I feel like I’m dying a little. I’m also worried that while I’m home alone during the days that I might choke on my own mucus. TMI? Sorry.

But don’t worry. One of my dude “friends” caught a glimpse of my room in a picture. So I cleaned it all up. (I put friend in quotes because he’s Corbin, the guy I dated this summer. )

Yes, this is what my life has come to. The only people I can talk to right now are guys who have rejected me. Maybe I’m a masochist.


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