Wagons. Yippie ki-ay!

Oh, man. I have fallen off all the wagons! I’ve been sick since last Tuesday-ish. I can finally breathe (still coughing) and tomorrow will be my workout test. I haven’t worked out for exactly seven days. Eek! (But the appetite-suppressant that was my disease may have helped me shed a couple pounds.) So tomorrow is 20 mins of strength. Not too bad. I’m just ready to get this show on the road again! My meals have been weird. Three days of almost no eating, a couple nights of binge-drinking, and a few fast food stops since my calorie count was so low.

This blog has been on hold because I still don’t have a power cord for my laptop. I do have WordPress on my phone but the latest Samsung update has made typing and texting on my phone a complete biotch. Why do you just make words in the middle of my sentences disappear, stupid phone?! I’ve never used the backspace more. BUT the power  was ordered….dammit! Give me back the word “cord,” which i DID type! See? I left that mistake in to show you how my phone is trying to give me an aneurysm.

Any way, the cord is on its way. Workout is tomorrow. Hopefully sanity and hilarious stories return (just had to retype “return” three times because Galaxy over here wanted it GONE). I’m sorry for this unfortunate and boring break.

I’m leaving now before I throw my phone against a wall.


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