Guess who’s back, bitches!!! That’s right. I am. My computer cord came in the mail today, the computer is chargin’ up as I type – on a real keyboard that isn’t trying to drive me crazy by randomly deleting words I type! I’m in control now, sucka. 

So this past week:

  • I mostly didn’t work out. I did my 20 minutes of strength yesterday, after a week off with mountain cedar allergy/sickness that left in bed and appetite-less for most of a week. Today I’m heading over to the gym for some Zumba! Gonna be out of breath, will need to stuff some Kleenex in my bra for the inevitable rush of snot that’s going to come pouring out. I will need a bottle of water to hydrate my mouth, mostly because it will be open the entire hour because I cannot breathe through my nose yet.
  • I spent half a week NOT eating and then a couple days eating some bad food because nothing tasted good in my nose-less world. But yesterday and today I have been doing well. I made another roasted veggie/sausage batch. I’m eating my Cheerios with raspberries, as well. The only thing I’m really low on is water. I’m super dehydrated because of my allergy pills and my lips are just falling apart because of this. So I need to drink more H2O.
  • Boys. Ugh. I kissed that boy again last night. (Jeremy, I mean.) And also over the weekend. I’m a mess. My girlfriends are so busy or far away (and my car was totaled last week so I’m relying on sharing with my mom and bro, who both work full-time) so I’ve been desperately seeking friendship from guys I’ve gone out with (who both live really close)…and let me tell you, that’s not good for the ol’ brain. The fact that Jeremy is totally cool kissing me but isn’t really that big into hanging out much or dating me at all really doesn’t feel good. But my loneliness from a lack of friends and job just keep driving me into his arms. I’m failing on the boy front. 
  • I just turned in an application for a part time job at a little clothing shop down the road. I’m in desperate need of money while I find my “career” type job (hopefully zoo keeping again!). I was hoping that my part time job working at a country concert venue would fill in my gaps but I only have one gig there this month….sooooo that sucks. 
  • I went car shopping with my brother twice so far. I think I know what I want – or at least some of the things I don’t want. Now I just need to find a sweet deal and get it going. I need a car so bad. Sharing with my family is HARD. 
  • My social volleyball league started a couple weeks ago. We’ve lost both games so far. I have bruises and scabs on my knees because I can’t find my high school knee pads. But it’s fun. We went drinking after Monday’s game and I enjoyed the company of a couple of my teammates (not that I didn’t enjoy the company of my other teammates, they just weren’t present). We just lost our good dude to an injury from another social sport…so it’s not looking good for our team, but we’ll try!
  • Ornithology. I am reading an ornithology textbook that I bought the summer I was an intern for the San Antonio Zoo bird department (2011). I never got very far in it before I got hired, and busy, and just unmotivated to read. This week I have been reading the book like crazy. I know now that I love birds and I want to work with them for a long time so I’m really inspired to read this book and learn as much as I can – especially since I heard that a zoo called one of my references about my application for a bird job!!! I’m trying not (and failing) to get my hopes up. But I’m reading this book and researching as much as I can about the birds at that zoo so I have the best chance to get the job. Because I miss my birds. I would totally try to work at the SA Zoo again….but the reason I left is still there. 

So I’m unemployed, car-less, boy-less, nearly friend-less, but I have a computer cord. Yeah, baby! Things are looking up. Now to get out of this boy-related FUNK and stop hanging out with them! (And keep working out and eating right. And time to start some art.) I think having this blog back in action will help with the loneliness/boy crap. Hopefully. 


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