Kind of a big deal…

Some choices I made tonight show growth – and since it’s related to diet, I feel it’s a big deal! Today is my younger (the middle) brother’s birthday. So we went out to dinner. For lunch I had a (footlong) Subway sandwich (not awful, not great). I walked some dogs for my boss and then I had to run to the grocery store before we went out. I got a good selection of tasty and pretty much healthy (or at least WAY healthier than I was eating a month ago) food stuffs. I was kind of hungry when I got my groceries to the car and I knew I’d be STARVING at dinner if I didn’t eat something before – and starving at a restaurant for me means absolutely no self control. What. So. Ever. So I grabbed one of my little bottles of chocolate milk (that I buy for post-working out) and a package of fresh blueberries. And I snacked on those two things on the way home. 

Once we got to dinner, I ate soup and salad. They weren’t the healthiest (potato soup and my salad had chipotle ranch dressing, croutons, and cheese) BUT I think they are way fewer calories than I would have eaten otherwise. I did have some of the bread and a chip or two with dip. But all tiny quantities. And I did have a slice of birthday cake.

BUT, the point is that, overall, this kind of day is way better than what I have previously been doing. And all it takes is some planning and having healthy snacks handy. (I bought snacks at the grocery store today because I’ve been struggling with a lack of them over the past week – made some bad food choices because I didn’t have something good to satiate me in the moment.)

So, it’s very small in the grand scheme of things, but to me it’s a huge improvement! YAY! Salad! (I hate lettuce. I wish the salad had been spinach. Spinach is wonderful. Dumb lettuce. Crunchy water. That’s all you are.)


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