Going to the grocery store on a regular basis sure helps the “eat right” situation. When I let the shopping slide, there’s nothing to help prevent me from running to fast food if I literally have no food in the house. But when I buy myself a bunch of healthy (or healthier-than-fast-food) options, then I think I can handle myself better.

This was my – what should we call it – midday snack? Midday meal? I’m trying to eat more, small meals. I’ve already had a bowl of oatmeal and a plate of spaghetti today.



3 thoughts on “Scrumptious

  1. I know exactly what you mean! I’ve been shopping more, which I HATE but I eat so much healthier, and it’s delicious! If I don’t have food, I go way overboard and it up Sonic or some other place! How terrible. My latest weakness was today – shopping day. I ran out of food but had an unopened box of Girl Scout cookies. Suffice to say, I ate 5! Ughh!!! Off to the store I go!!

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