New Family Member

Oh, boy. I didn’t even tell you. A couple weeks ago. Maybe just a week ago? Maybe a week and a HALF ago, I adopted a bird. His name is Pretty Boy. I thought I would change that but now it’s looking like he might keep it. I’ve already used it to train him to step up onto my hand and to fly to my arm across the room.

I adopted him from the (mostly) primate sanctuary I work at. Yes, we obviously have birds, too. He’s a red breasted parakeet (aka mustache parakeet) and he’s pretty cool. I think his time spent alone while I’m at work are kind of getting to him because he’s getting a little testy lately. But I have high hopes. He’s super smart and can learn things very quickly. It helps that I already knew his favorite food before he even came home with me.

So, say “hello!” to Pretty Boy!

IMG_20140609_105648 IMG_20140611_160744 IMG_20140607_180404 IMG_20140608_160920 IMG_20140608_160101 IMG_20140607_180903



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