When your friends get boyfriends, you start making bad life choices….

Alright, everyone. Here is it. Big confession.

I blew it. I went on a date. I KNOW. But let give first give you my list of excuses. I’m lonely! My best lady friends have abandoned me for boys and let me tell you, it is way harder to find new girl friends than it is to get dates. This should be the opposite. But it’s not. Our modern world makes connecting with people of the opposite gender so easy. Maybe I’m just missing all the “find true friendship” sites…but I feel like that’s where desperate people would linger and not super awesome cool kids like myself who just happened to have lost all friends at once due to relationship status changes out of their control. Maybe some of you know of places where I can meet some cool, preferably SINGLE, ladies who are not desperate, just in need of some good old fashioned lady friends. ANYWHO, I’m getting off track. So. I went on a date. Because I miss my ladies. And this was my solution. 

And a bad solution it was. AWKWARD. I’d been chatting with this guy from Match.com for about a week, I guess. Our schedules were both a little busy so meeting up was hard. But finally we secured a night. And he asked me to a movie. I should have said no. I should have said, “Let’s do coffee instead!” or ANYTHING that would have put us face-to-face, in a well-light room so we could actually talk. Sitting next to a strange guy in a dark theater where you really shouldn’t talk is really awkward. What’s even MORE awkward is when this guy you JUST MET IN REAL LIFE LIKE THIRTY MINUTES AGO reaches out and holds your hand. I was so uncomfortable that it almost hurt. It did actually hurt. I was in awkward pain. THEN, because he obviously couldn’t tell that this was a bad move from my limp hand and rigid posture, he puts his arm around me and pulls me over. So I have to do the awkward lean (which is super uncomfortable unless the guy is like 6’6″) AND my body is STILL rigid because I’m hating every moment of this. Finally, after about two minutes, I can’t handle it. I pulled away. I leaned all the way over to the other side of my chair and just told him that I’m not really into being physical with a guy I just met. Yuck. Blech. WHY?! 

He was cute-ish and seemed pretty normal, but I just didn’t feel anything. He’s texted me a couple times since the awkward date but I quit responding. I just still feel icky from his touchy-feelings and I’m just not that into him, I think. 

So, please. Help me find some lady friends! I don’t want to go on any more awkward dates just for something to do on a week night!

I have actually decided to take a sewing machine class this summer. Broadening my skills and hobbies. I have always wanted to be able to sew quick little pieces for myself…and I decided to DO IT. Maybe I’ll meet some old ladies who will be my new friends and we can have sewing circle get-togethers on the weekends. With tea. I don’t like tea. I’ll drink a Coke. But we’ll have fun. I’ll meet some new cats. Hear stories about when they rolled bandages for the war. 

Ok, and you know what? Before one of my besties got back with an old beau, we went on a local kayaking trip with an outfitter, with a group of strangers, and that was pretty fun. I feel like I could meet some more people that way. It costs moolah, but it might be worth it. At least I’ll have some fun on the weekends, even if I don’t make friends. I will just do fun things, alone, near other people, and make scrapbooks of my adventures with strangers. It’ll all be okay….right?

This date reminded me that I don’t like going out with new guys. Having to get to know someone, which is the best part for a lot of people, is actually my least favorite part. I want to know someone already! I want us to be best friends and travel the world. 

Haha, it’s funny when one of my little mice is running in a ball and hits a wall. Oops! Did it again. Hahaha! Never gets old. (This is why I’m single.)