Redirecting My Focus and Drive

So, a few weeks ago, I was SO into work. I was making project lists and all sorts of plans because my boss had told me that I was going to be able to implement them shortly. And, as you know, that did not pan out. So after a couple weeks of being super sad and angry I finally got over it. How? By just not thinking about any of it. They want me to relieve people. So that is what I will do. No more crazy aspirations or dreams. I will just do my best the one to two days that I’m in each section, and leave it at that. 

My goal is a great workout regimen. I printed out some awesome weight lifting record sheets for me and my workout buddy so we can actually track our progress and, most importantly, freaking remember how much weight we’re using for each move!! Every time we lift, when we start a new week (and repeat the moves from last week), we can never remember how much we used the week before. Which means that we’re not necessarily improving. But no more! 

I’m also going to study our gym schedule and make a workout routine based on the classes available so that we do three cardio workouts a week and then we can throw in three days of lifting any time – since we don’t need a class to lift. 

The hardest part, ALWAYS, is diet. I’m SO lazy when it comes to making food. I think it’s because when I get off work every day, I’m dead tired. I just want to put food in my mouth as quickly as possible, shower, and pass out. Which means that I have NO energy or any care to make a great, healthy meal. I just feel like I will die NOW if I don’t get FOOD NOW. So that’s my big goal right now: change my diet for good. Forever. Become the eater I have always wanted to be. My weight wouldn’t be an issue AT ALL if I could just eat the things I should. 

I’m still distracted by work – I work multiple areas a week, which means I work with a huge variety of species, and I want to research ALL of them all the time! And that takes time and brain power. So I find myself torn between reading primate books and researching healthy and easy meals. I know it’s possible to do both. I’m just one of those people who obsesses over something and not much else can get through my brain when I’m in that mode. 

But I can do it!! I can be awesome. I can lose weight. I have already cut down on my work worries by probably 75%+. And, boy, does it feel good.


The Birds and the Beatles

Back in 2004, I discovered the Beatles. Not sure how I made it to almost 18 before really knowing who they were, but I did. I grew up listening to oldies – but you know how oldies stations are aimed at older people who already know who sings what? Well, yeah. They never announced who sang the song they just played. So I grew up knowing all this music from the 50s-70s and never knowing band/singer names. Well, I’m not sure how I stumbled upon this, but one day I realized that this one group, The f*&#%$@ Beatles, sang a bunch of songs that I liked. So I started looking into them. I found that no matter which album I bought or which “new” songs I found, I loved them all. There wasn’t anything I hated (except for the Long & Winding Road. Sorry, Paul. Ok, that’s not the only one. But it is SO rare for me to dislike a Beatles song. That’s the point.) I can listen to entire albums without skipping songs! (Ok, I skip Revolution 9, too.) ANYWAY, I was so obsessed that the only music I listened to was by The Beatles. I read huge biographies about The Beatles. I watched Youtube videos of their performances and concerts. I became a crazy fangirl. Like, BIG TIME. But no one else cared. I mean, yeah, I ran into a few Beatlephiles (is that what they’re called? Someone called me that once.) But most of the people I hung out with on a regular basis got really tired of my “fun Beatle facts” and listening to all my Beatles CDs preeeeeetty quickly. So my obsession died a little. Because I had no one to share with. 

Now, the Beatles are still my favorite band and I LOVE PAUL WITH ALL MY HEART (I saw him in concert in Houston in 2012!!!!) but it’s not even close to the obsession I once had.

Yesterday, I went bird crazy. I was reading my Ornithology textbook and doing some extra online research. My book is from the 90s and DNA sytematics for bird grouping has come a long way since this book was published. So I started learning a bunch of awesome new stuff and posting it all over Facebook. I’m pretty sure one person read the stuff I posted. No one cares! I always get really into something (I have OCD and a huge part of that is obsessive thoughts – usually bad ones – but I find that I tend to get head-over-heels for random stuff, too) and it’s always something no one around me cares about. 

Luckily that doesn’t stop me. I’m hoping this current obsession will help me in my career pursuits (bird keeper!!!). So I’m going to learn all I can. I will post all that shiz to Facebook and Twitter…and if no one reads it or cares, so what. (I WILL MAKE YOU LOVE IT.)

PS: My cat is currently SNORING. 

PPS: I find my post title to be insanely witty. Just me? Ok.