What am I doing?

Here, my friends, is where I will divulge the whole point of this blog. (Though I already stated my purpose with my first blog post.)

2013 was the year of copious dating opportunities. And they all stunk. I had zero boyfriends. I was 100% for rejections. (At least I’m REALLY good at something.) After my last rejection, which was the week or two before Christmas, I just couldn’t handle it anymore. I knew that if I got rejected even one more time, I was going to explode. How do I avoid inevitable rejection? Avoid dating. Boom. Solved.

But it would be kind of dumb just to NOT date and not do anything else. So, while avoiding something that causes me an unreasonable amount of tears, I would also focus on things to make myself feel good. I’ll repeat my list from my first blog post below:

  1. Writing. All writing. My screenplay, this blog, maybe my journal, poetry, my book idea, etc.
  2. Career. I have yet to really focus on a career become a great employee. This is not because of boys – hopefully. But being distracted by breakups sure doesn’t help.
  3. Art. I used to paint and do art the year after college. I think it was mostly because my job took a lot of my brain power and I needed a way to decompress after work – and my old standby, writing, took too much brain power. So I started painting. I’d like to get back into that. And other crafts. Maybe crochet again. Maybe I’ll tackle more Pinterest crafts and post the disasters here for you to see.
  4. Cooking. I also used to cook a lot. It started when I was a kid and kind of fizzled shortly after college (when “real life” and the job took over). I used to cook, bake. All that. I want to do more. Partly to be healthy and lose weight and partly just to make myself a well-rounded person.
  5. Exercise. I have become soft and lazy. I used to work out all the time. I used to have a job that kept me in shape so I didn’t have to work out. Now I have to actually try. That old metabolism is slowing down as we speak.
  6. Faith. During the past few years I have really fallen away from regular worship and prayer. I think it was another lazy thing or maybe it was a doubt thing…I’m not sure. But I want to do better.

By the end of the year, maybe I’ll have something to show for myself. Like a great body. Or a finished screenplay. Or the sweetest job ever. Or maybe I’ll have multiple things! All the dates I’ve gone one and all the months I have spent dating guys have born nothing. Except sadness and heartache. I’m currently lacking a group of single girls to take me out and distract me from all this rejection, so I’m turning to this blog. No, it’s not SAD! It’s awesome. Just like my Facebook page for my CAT is not SAD. Shut up. No one asked you anyway. (Please love me.)


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