Who Am I?


I have been trying to answer this question for a long time.

I am a woman in her mid-twenties who has had some weird and hilarious adventures in the dating world. Stories that I think many of you can either relate to or just enjoy reading about. Some parts are sad. Some parts are embarrassing. Most are funny.

I am here to entertain you with my misadventures. 

I’m a college graduate who has had more jobs than I care to admit. And fewer boyfriends than I care to admit.

I studied journalism and public relations in college, with a side of marketing, and I have since worked in a marketing department, in a bank, as a zoo keeper and a vet assistant. I can tell you that my favorite job has been the zoo keeper job. I was a bird keeper for two years in San Antonio. I miss my birds every day.

This is not my first blog. I might have to flashback and show some things from my previous blogs, because they’re quite funny. I really hope that this will become the blog I actually stick with. I’m already really excited about it and it’s already improving my life – and hopefully yours!

Sometimes I wear glasses. Sometimes I don’t. Don’t get confused when I post pictures of myself with or without them. I am as blind as a bat,

I had braces, like most twenty-something Americans. My parents are divorced, like most twenty-something Americans’ parents.

I feel like life is so short – you never know how much time you have – so I want to try and do as many things as possible while I still have time.

I have been unemployed so many times since graduating college. It’s partly embarrassing and partly depressing.

I love cats. And birds.

I have been boy-crazy since kindergarten. It hasn’t changed since I was five.



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